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We supply the complete range of accessories and consumables for all makes of coding machines at very low prices.







  • Inks: Black, blue, red, violet, green, golden*, white*, silver*, etc. which are food grade & anti-freeze type suitable for butter, milk, oil, laminated surfaces, BOPP, aluminium foil, metal, glass, etc.

    Antfreez Coding Inks are quick-drying, water resistant, and can be used on Glazed, Metallic surfaces, etc. and are resistant to lubricants and spermicidols. Available colours are Black, Red, Violet, Brown and Blue.

    Porous Inks Grade are water based and work on corrugated Boxes, Labels, Card Board sheets, plywood, etc. These are environment-friendly inks & can be used as stamp pad ink also.

    Instant Marking Inks works on metal etching principle and marks permanent acid, alkali, heat & solvent resistant marks on Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Tin & their Alloys.

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Ink cartridges made of special imported bonded cellulose fiber (not woolen felt) in various sizes from 20 mm to 100-mm width & any length having very high absorbing capacity and long life.

Aluminium Body Cartridges are made for Blister packaging machine, FFS machines & Coding machines. The absorbing capacity is quite high. The cartridges are made in various ID, OD's & Length depending on customer requirement.

Inking Cartridges, Rollers & Pads are manufactured from special imported bonded cellulose fiber, which have a solid, highly durable and

Inking Felt Tubes & Pads are made from VIRGIN Australian wool of various densities from .35 to .60 depending on the requirement of customers.




Rubber / polymer grooved and flat stereos made to order. Standard character sets in size 1.5 mm., 2 mm, 2.5 mm., 3 mm and 4 mm also available in Dot matrix (ink jet type) & normal style. Logos can be made against artwork.

Grooved rubber stereos / belts are used for making different statutory information's on packing. The message is composed using lock types stereos that inter lock into the grooved belt and are inked by coding ink. The grooved belt is available in 2" x 18" size. You may cut it to your required size. Lock types are molded from specially formulated rubber to give sharp & clear impressions & are available in standard combinations of numerical & alphabets. Lock types are available in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5 mm, 3mm, 4 mm, 14mm, and 25mm sizes. 





HOT INK ROLLERS do no require adding or charging of conventional inks. The ink in the hot ink roller is solid at room temperature and does not smudge. It is non-toxic, gives sharp impressions and contains solvent free ink and therefore there are no hazards possible as in the conventional ink.

They are used in high-speed code date marking equipment in a wide variety of industries such as food industry, Pharmaceuticals, dairy, frozen food etc. They are made in sizes to fit all models of hot ink roller machines (such as Markem® or Norwood®).

Colours available:# Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, White.




Hot Foil

Extremely versatile date-coding foil. High-speed, low working temperature.

An excellent free releasing foil with very clean definition. it has good rub and resistance to alcohol.


Most of packing films. Laminates, coated and uncoated paper, etc.

Widely use for pipe and cable marking industry, especially for use on PE'PP plastic & very popular for use on SYRINGES.





*   Solvent for cleaning purposes.

*   109 character Brass Stereos set in R type & T type

*   109 character SS Stereo set for embossing

*   Two side gumming tape roll for fixing stereos

*   Spare Parts of all types of machines

*   Nylo type Stereos  Etc.