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AIMS presents HONAZ / SORVEH (Canada, Dubai) make Industrial Inkjet Printer Model IJP-P2128 which is an economical, no maintenance, user friendly,high resolution FOUR line Non-Contact printer that can be installed on any production line to print B.No., Mfg. Date, Exp. Date, MRP Rs., Logos, Bar Codes, Real Time Clock & Calendar, Serial No. (Agmark) etc. on bottles, tins, labels, cartons, caps, pouches, etc.



These coders are ideal for On-Line High Speed Coding on packaging machines or bottles moving on conveyor.


The message to be printed is very easily composed on its graphic display using the integrated complete QWERTY keyboard. The message can be upto 4 lines with a combination of small, medium or large characters from 1 mm to 17 mm in height along with LOGOs.


The Inking system consists of a simple disposable pre-mix ink cartridge using fast drying & indelible solvent-based inks (for porous and non-porous surfaces) which is just push fitted into its slot & immediately you can start printing.


The small print head is then placed aligned with the object or substrate & whenever the product sensor gives a signal, the whole message is spray-printed onto the substrate while it is in motion without touching it.




 Supply Voltage

 230 Vac + 10%, 50 VA

 Operating Range

 5 to deg. C, 10-90% RH non-condesing.

 Printing Area

 4 lines of 120 char each from 1 to 17 mm high.

 Printing Speed

 Max.50 Meters / min. for 1 to 4 line printing.

 Prints using

 Piezo-electric print head for spraying ink.

 Inking Medium

 Disposable pre-mix ink in 200 ml. Cartridge

 Printing Medium

 Solvent based inks (black, white, yellow etc.)


 Appx. 90 million char. Of 2 mm per lit. of ink.


 20x30x36 cm & 31x38x100 cm with stand.


15 Kgs for machine & 30 Kgs with stand



Stainless steel rugged construction. All machine stands, product sensor with stand, print head stand included with the system. Connection to print head via 2 m flexible cable. The print module is well protected & insulated in the Stainless steel tubular print head.


Graphic 128 X 64 backlit liquid crystal display & integrated QWERTY keyboard with Real time clock and calendar, expiry date, Bar Codes, LOGOs, serial nos. (counter), with 9 levels of Bolderisation, message reverse or invert print & storage of 45 messages of 4 lines each of 120 characters per line with facility for password lock.


Push fit disposable solvent / oil based pre-mix ink cartridge for ease of use. Uses Ethyl alcohol based simple inks that do not require any mixing or viscosity adjustments whereas other printers use Methanol (M.E.K.) based highly toxic to humans & difficult to use inks.


Latest technology high speed 128 nozzle, 17 mm XAAR piezo-jet print head which is very high resolution & gives very high quality of print.


Instant startup within 1 minute for the first print & instant shutdown within 1 minute with print head cleaning. Other printers require upto 30 minutes for each of the procedures & require a trained engineer.


No air compressor, pumps, viscosity control units or mechanical parts, hence lower running cost & more reliability. Maintenance free compared to other printers, which have a lot of moving parts & filters, which can fail & need to be replaced. If there is a power failure, most printers require a major over haul by a trained engineer whereas this printer just starts printing as if nothing has happened.


The system is PC linkable via the COM (RS-232) port. The windows based FLEXICODE software allows for the control of the print layout and design and for downloading of LOGOs, Bar Codes, data, etc.