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AIMS compact Motorized Table - Top coder for semi-automatic registered printing of B.No., Mfg.Dt., Exp.Dt., M.R.P. Rs., Ingredients, Sequential Nos. (AGMARK), Logos, etc. on labels, pouches, cartons, tins, cans, boxes, bottles (curvature), etc. or for online registered printing on any intermittent FFS (Form Fill Seal), Oil / Milk Pouch Packing machine, etc. Model EMC-35-T. (Also can be mounted On-Line on conveyor Model CEMC-35-O).







For the tabletop system, the coder is mounted on a stand and the item to be printed is placed manually and either a foot switch is pressed or a timer activates to code semi-automatically.






For the on-line system, the print head is mounted on the machine and coding is done whenever the parent machine stops for sealing. It is electronically synchronized with the packaging machine to give registered coding at exact location.







These coders are ideal for Semi-Automatic Coding. As soon as the product is put on the platform, coding is done automatically.


The message to be printed is very easily composed by just push fitting the grooved stereos (easily changeable) on to the groove base mat. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable circular cartridge, which is fully enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces. The print head slides into the housing for inking & outside for coding onto the product.


These are portable, compact and easy to install units. Simply plug the system into any electrical outlet of 230 VAC at your site to start printing.




*   DC Stepper motor based very compact, lightweight

    and portable design. Can be used as a replacement

    for Electro-Pneumatic coders (does not require

    compressor) for Packaging Machine mounting also.

*   Low cost machine with very low operating and

    inventory costs. Uses standard grooved or flat

    stereos and fast drying coding ink.

*   In built timer for automatic timed operation (settable)

    or can be connected to any sensor or foot switch for

    controlled operation.

*   Imported motor and accessories provide reliability &

    long life.









Model EMC -     35 - [][] with printing area of 35 mm. X 35 mm.

Model EMC -   100 - [][] with printing area of 100 mm. X 50 mm.

Model EMC - [][][] - T[] for standalone Table Top Coder.

Model EMC - [][][] - O[] for direct mounting on Packaging Coder.

Model EMC - [][][] - []I with Liquid ink & Cartridge.

Model EMC - [][][] - []W with touch dry wax cartridge instead of ink.

Model EMC - [][][] - []P with ink paste & transfer roller.

Model EMC - [][][] - []S with 6 digit sequential AGMARK printing.



It can also be mounted on Conveyor (Model CEMC-35-O) for on-line printing on pouches, cartons, caps, cans, etc. at high speeds from 1500 to 4000 pieces per hour. The coding is done when the product reaches below the Print-Head, the Photo-Sensor senses it & PLC stops the conveyor for a fraction of second & simultaneously gives the signal for the printing at exact location, after which the conveyor resumes for the next product.