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AIMS compact, fully automatic PLC based coding system for on-line registered printing of B.No., Mfg.Dt., Exp.Dt., M.R.P. Rs., Ingredients, Logos, etc. on continuous & intermittent FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines, pouch packing / flow wrapping / blister pack machines, biscuit / masala / oil / milk / water packing, conveyor systems, winder-rewinder system, etc. Model BCC-35-O.







The coder is installed on the FFS machine & the film goes over the roller where it gets coded at the desired location on-line during production.





The coder is installed on the continuous conveyor with encoder & the object to be printed passes below or in front of the print head where it gets coded at the desired location on-line during production.







These coders are ideal for Automatic On-Line High Speed Coding on various packaging machines.


The message to be printed is very easily composed by just assembling the stereos (easily changeable) on to the print drum. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable circular cartridge, which is fully enclosed allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous surfaces. The whole assembly is directly mounted on the packaging machine & the film passes over the roller of the bracket.


The PLC or controller takes the signal from the print sensor proximity or eye mark sensor & gives signal to the DC Stepper Motor to turn the print drum automatically at the synchronized speed with the film to do the coding/printing at the exact location. The PLC also displays the no. of prints that have taken place & the linear speed of web in meters/min.





*   First time in India as direct replacement for Ink 

    Jet Printers for Online Registered Coding. No need 

    to stop the process for printing as printing is on-line 

    and continuous at very high printing / production 

    speeds up to 350 impressions / minute.


*   No need for any operator settings as it automatically 

    tracks the speed of the packaging machine and 

    varies its own speed to match it. Absolute accurate 

    location in printing repeatedly.


*   Bright LED display for 6 digit production counter as 

     well as for display of speed of film in meters / minute 

     and pouches / minute.


*   Can be quickly installed on existing biscuit / spice / 

     milk / oil / coffee / detergent pouch filling machines & 

     other packaging machines within 15 minutes with the 

     specially designed bracket.









Model BCC -  35 - [][] with printing area of 35 mm. X 200 mm.

Model BCC -  70 - [][] with printing area of 70  mm. X 200 mm.

Model BCC - [][]- O[] Fully Auto-speed tracking on FFS machines.

Model BCC - [][]- C[] for Automatic speed tracking on Conveyors.

Model BCC - [][]- M[] for standard model with manual speed control.

Model BCC - [][] -E[] with Encoder for instantaneous speed tracking.

Model BCC - [][]- []I with Liquid ink & Cartridge.

Model BCC - [][]- []P with fast drying ink paste & transfer roller.