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AIMS compact, fully automatic PLC based Pipe Coder for on-line registered printing of B.No., Mfg.Dt., Company Name, Logos, etc. on all types of rigid or soft type PVC / Polyethylene / HDPE / PV pipes & tubes, etc. during extrusion process Model PPC-35-O. 






The coder is installed in front of the extrusion machine where the extruded pipe passes over the support rollers & below the print head where it gets printed on-line during production after every preset length repeatedly.




The Transfer Roller Coder with Inkpot is useful for online printing on variety of tubes & pipes.






These coders are ideal for Automatic On-Line Coding on various types of tubes & pipes during their extrusion process.


The message to be printed is very easily composed by just assembling the stereos (easily changeable) on to the print wheel. The Inking system consists of a rechargeable circular cartridge, which is fully enclosed, allowing the use of fast-drying & indelible solvent-based inks. The whole assembly is directly mounted in front of the extruder where the extruded pipe passes over the rollers of the system.


The PLC or controller takes the signal from the Digital Encoder & gives signal to the DC Stepper Motor to turn the print wheel automatically at the synchronized speed with the pipe to do the coding/printing after every preset distance.





*   No operator setting as it automatically tracks the 

    speed of the extruded pipe using the Digital Encoder 

     and varies its own speed to match it.

*   Bright LED display to display the length of pipe 

     extruded, no. of prints that have taken place & the 

     linear speed of extrusion in meters / min. Also, a 

     production length can be set & it can give an alarm 

     after the preset length of pipe has been extruded.

*   Friction model available to print on pipes after every 

     fixed 500-mm. length or motorised PLC based 
     model to print at presettable intervals. Manual     

     version for manually printing on pipes.

*   1 to 3 lines printing on 10 mm to 400 mm outside 

     diameter of pipes.

*   Can be quickly installed on existing pipe / tube 

     extrusion machines within 15 minutes with the 

     specially designed stand & bracket.

*   Continuous Inking system with Ink Bottle & drop by 

     drop dripping of ink on Cartridge available.








Model PPC-35-O [] Motorized with PLC control for repeat print setting.

Model PPC-35-F [] Friction driven on-line Coder.

Model PPC-35-T [] Motorized Coder with Transfer Roller.

Model PPC-35- []I with Liquid ink & Cartridge.

Model PPC-35- []P with fast drying ink paste & transfer roller.

Model PPC-35- []H with Hot Foil Colored Tape & Brass Stereos.